Meet the Australian Bush Locals, Halls Gap Victoria

We lead such busy lives.  Every now and again, we all need to take time out, unwind and get back to nature.

You don’t have to go any further than Serenity holiday rentals located at Halls Gap, Grampians, Victoria to experience the Australian bush and it’s abundance of wildlife.

Bird Watching

Wake up to the sound of a Kookaburra laughing on their way to breakfast!

Listen for the Cockatoos arriving of an evening to remind you it’s time for happy hour!

Beware of those cheeky Kookaburras there’s probably one eyeing off your juicy steak right now !


The Roos can be seen grazing at dusk or get up early one day and see them feeding in the morning. You would think they were on holidays too they way they laze about in the shade after lunch!

Just on dusk, take a walk into town along the clearly defined path that leads from the back of the  Serenity house.  Look out; you might need to give way to a kangaroo !


Introduced to Australia, deer roam wild in the Grampians region and feed regularly close to Serenity

Look closely, there may even be a stag watching you !


Look out for emu, Australia’s largest native bird.  They are often seen along the game trails that traverse the bush just in front of our house.

All wildlife mentioned has been regularly seen from the comfort of Serenity accommodation, Halls Gap.   

We have a large back deck area leading out to a family friendly backyard so you can sit back and relax and get back to nature.

We guarantee you will see a kangaroo or two !

Location.   Luxury.   Serenity.